Back pain is known to affect about 80% of the population at some point in their life.  People can go from feeling fine, to having agonizing pain overnight.  Why does this happen?  It stems from the fact that our body is great at covering up our problems and our pain, therefore an absence of pain is not necessarily the presence of health.  We can be riddled with spinal degeneration, even cancer, and feel no pain whatsoever.  Our office aims to not just help with your symptoms, but actually correct the problem that caused your pain to begin with.  We do this with a variety of low force techniques so you can maintain comfort while you're goint through correction.

What causes back pain?

Back pain is a general term used to describe sharp, burning, achy pain or stiffness someone is experiencing in their back, however there are many things that can cause it.  The spine has numerous structures which include bones, nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia and discs.  Pain alone is rarely enough to diagnose exactly what's causing the pain.  That's why at Revive Health Centre in Naperville, we do a very comprehensive initial examination, which often includes either x-ray or MRI, to help us narrow in on the exact cause of your problem so we can help get you back to normal as fast as possible!  

What are disc bulges and herniations?

Imagine the disc like a jelly donut.  When you put pressure on the outer portion of that donut, the jelly will has a tendency to squirt out the opposite side.  When a bone in your spine puts enough pressure on the outer portion of the disc, called the annulus, the jelly like substance inside the disc, called the nucleus pulposus, will break through.  Your body sees this material as foreign, and will therefore attack it and cause serious inflammation and pain.  Your body can often times heal this on its own without surgery, and the treatment we provide will accelerate that healing!

Whiplash and sprain/strains

When your body experiences a major force like a car crash, sports injury or a major trip or fall, the ligaments are stretched past their normal limit. When this happens, the ligament becomes damaged.  These ligaments are what hold bones together and give them stability, which is why people who have damaged ligaments have chronic pain that never seems to go away.  Strains are when the tendons are excessively stressed i.e.: tennis elbow.  Many of these injuries can also be from chronic poor postural.  We have many techniques and treatment options that can help get ligaments and tendons back to normal so you can live a normal life again.



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