Headaches and Migraine treatment in Naperville

Research shows that 90% of headaches are cervicogenic, meaning that they originate in your neck.  Anatomically, the nerves in the upper part of your neck, go back up in the head, so any irritation here will manifest as headache.  At Revive Health Center, once we've completed your comprehensive examination, we tailor a treatment plan to your needs that will address the dysfunction causing your headaches. 


We typically will see misalignments in the neck, called subluxations, as well as a loss of the curve in your neck, called a lordosis.  For those who have been involved in a car accident, we usually see a reversal of the curve in their neck.  At Revive Health Centre, we use gentle techniques that focus on correcting the subluxations and restoring the curve in the neck.  

Why is the curve so important?

Bananas are designed to be curved, and so is your neck.  Anything less than optimal, will cause an increase of degeneration in your neck over time and lead to pain, stiffness, headaches and other health related problems.  The curve is like shocks in your car.  It gives your spine a bounce, so it doesn't get damaged when you stress it.  When you lose the curve in your neck, it's like driving your car without suspension.  That's when you start feeling every bump in the road!  You shouldn't feel like this, regardless of your age.  If you want a healthy neck, we have to make sure you have an optimal curve. 


We assess that by taking a simple x-ray and we then analyze it from different angles.  Once we know how it looks on the inside, we can use the proper techniques to restore the curve.  Chiropractic care is typically an excellent option for most headache sufferers.  However, our office offers much more than basic chiropractic care.  We have cutting edge techniques that we can use to help get you better faster without the use of drugs and surgery.



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