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Car accidents and personal injuries can be lifelong injuries if they're not looked at immediately.  We recommend anyone who has a car accident or injury sees a chiropractor as soon as possible following the injury.  The longer we wait after an injury, the more scar tissue we will build around the area, and because of that, the body has a harder time healing the injury.

Some of the more common injuries following a car accident or personal injury are:

  • whiplash

  • concussion 

  • herniated discs

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • sprain/strain

  • rotator cuff injury

  • sternum injury

  • TMJ dysfunction

  • Soft tissue injuries

Many people who are involved in car accidents walk away and feel fine.  After a heavy impact, your adrenaline goes up and this naturally covers up pain.  However research shows that many times, the symptoms from the injury are delayed for weeks and even months, until one day you start hurting and can't figure out why.  As injuries worsen, inflammation goes up over time makes you hurt more.

A study out of Harvard found that it only takes 9mph to cause whiplash in the neck.  Even small fender benders have the ability to cause serious injury, especially if you're head was turned during the time of impact.

Revive Health Centre

Our Personal Injury Chiropractors in Naperville specialize in Auto Accident Injuries and treating injuries that can affect your quality of life.

At Revive, our doctors have been treating personal injuries for over 10 years and have gotten great results with a wide range of conditions.

At Revive Health Centre in Naperville, we combine chiropractic techniques with various types of physical therapy techniques such as muscle release techniques, stretching, core strengthening, postural correction, electric stimulation, ultrasound and more.

We also provide medical procedures such as PRP therapy, Sanexas and Acoustic Sound Wave therapy.  

Does my car insurance pay for my injury?

Most of the time yes.  When you're injured in a car crash, your car insurance company will seek damages from the 3rd party.  You normally have no out of pocket costs.

What if I'm at fault?

Most insurance policies have something called "Medpay" and the standard limit is $5,000 to use for medical care.  You can use this for your ambulance or hospital visit.  If you don't go to the hospital, you can use it to see a chiropractor, physical therapist or medical doctor.

Should I get a lawyer?

When you have an injury and you're dealing with an insurance company, it's usually a good idea to hire a lawyer to protect you and your bills.

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