1. Fever Report

    Rebecca Lamarche - Saturday, November 14, 2015 A fever is one of the primary reasons that parents will contact a pediatrician even when it’s not necessary. Dr. Barton Schmitt coined the phrase “fever phobia” in 1980 because many parents believed that untreated fevers could actually rise to critical levels and even low-grade fevers could have serious neurological effects. This is just not tru…Read More

  2. Good Night’s Sleep

    Rebecca Lamarche - Tuesday, October 13, 2015 As adults our bodies require a minimum of eight hours of good restorative sleep, and children require substantially more depending upon their age. It is during sleep that our bodies are rejuvenated, muscles and cells are regenerated and we are re-energized to start a new day. If our sleep is uninterrupted and truly restful we can expect to awaken feelin…Read More

  3. Kids and Chiropractic

    Rebecca Lamarche - Friday, September 04, 2015 WHY DOES MY CHILD NEED CHIROPRACTIC CARE? You’ll probably never see your five or six-year-old bend over to pick up a toy and freeze in pain saying, “Oh, my back went out again.” Spinal degenerations and vertebral subluxations that cause that kind of pain will generally not appear in children – but it started there. BIRTH TRAUMA Natural childbir…Read More

  4. Picking Your Prenatal Team

    Rebecca Lamarche - Wednesday, August 05, 2015 If you are expecting a baby then you probably have a lot on your mind. While it is the most natural thing in the world, having a baby has become an industry of products and recommendations; and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices. Unfortunately, no one can make those choices for you, but your Chiropractor can help you make info…Read More

  5. Posture Matter

    Rebecca Lamarche - Friday, July 03, 2015 Perhaps you remember your parents telling you to sit up straight and now you’ve found yourself telling your children the same thing. Is this just a right of passage from childhood to adulthood, or is there something more to this thing called posture? WHAT IS POSTURE? Posture is defined as the position of the body or the position of several parts of the bo…Read More

  6. Teething Report

    Rebecca Lamarche - Thursday, June 04, 2015 Every child goes through it, but with a little additional information it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Teething usually begins at four to five months but can start as early as three months. Since it can take anywhere from three hours to three weeks to see results, the symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed. COMMONLY MISTAKEN AS: Cold or Sinus Infection …Read More

  7. Webster Technique

    Rebecca Lamarche - Friday, May 15, 2015 Many years ago, if a mother was told that her unborn baby was in the wrong position (i.e. breech, transverse, face/ brow) it was assumed that the safest course of action was a C-section. While there were other options such as “External Cephalic Version” by an obstetrician, there were risks involved that a C-section could avoid. This has resulted in over …Read More

  8. Six Silent Signs of Subluxation

    Modern day medicine suggests that if you’re not sick then you’re well. The Family Wellness Chiropractor knows better. A lack of obvious symptoms of illness does not mean that you and your family are healthy. WHAT IS SUBLUXATION? Our spine protects our spinal cord, which is the message highway from our brain to all of our other muscles, tissues, organs and glands via the nerves that exit betwee…Read More

  9. Feet, Gait, and Chiropractic

    Almost everyone you ask understands that a chiropractor takes care of the spine which is made up of vertebra (or bones) connected by ligaments. The skeleton as a whole is made up of bones and joints also connected by ligaments. Just as a spine can be misaligned, so can any of the other bones and joints that make up the skeleton. This is why your feet and gait are important to your Family Wellness …Read More