Treat Your Whiplash With Chiropractors You Trust

When it comes to whiplash, you want things to return to normal as soon as possible. Our chiropractors can help to make your recovery time better and potentially faster, and in the event you’re not seeing results, we’ll refer you to another experienced medical professional. Your care always comes first with ReVive Health Centre.

Extraordinary Experience and Expertise

Doctors Jason and Rebecca Lamarche have been treating people who have suffered from whiplash and other symptoms, following a motor vehicle accident. Our chiropractors have worked with thousands of patients, and are highly experienced at diagnosing whiplash and coming up with a recovery plan.

Your Recovery Is First Priority

It’s true that we’ve treated thousands of patients, helping them successfully overcome their whiplash symptoms. But there are always cases where one form of treatment isn’t enough. If we see that you’re not progressing as you should, we will recommend you to another medical professional to ensure that you get the best in pain relief for a healthy recovery.
In fact, the chiropractors at ReVive Health Centre work alongside pain management doctors, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and even neuropsychologists for the best comanagement of your injury. We have no problem outsourcing our patients to other doctors — we just want to help you feel better!

Fixing the Problem, Not Treating the Symptoms

Simply taking pain relievers will likely not be enough to correct or heal your whiplash — or if it is, it could very well take twice as long to recover. For a more holistic approach to your health, we address the nerves, muscles, and spine to fix the problem at the source. We will never just work to temporary alleviate your symptoms — our chiropractors at ReVive Health Centre are always going to try and correct the problem itself. That way, you won’t need to rely on treating the symptoms at all!

At ReVive Health Centre in South Naperville, we can address your whiplash in a thorough and methodical manner to ensure that you have the best treatment plan possible. Our chiropractors are trusted by doctors, dentists, pain management specialists, and so many other medical professionals who know that our treatments and adjustments can work. Stay safe on the road — we hope that you never develop whiplash, but if you do, we are here to help.