Located at the front of your neck, your thyroid produces hormones that control your metabolism. If your thyroid is more active or less active than normal, this can affect your overall health.

Your body uses its energy faster or slower than it should when your thyroid gland malfunctions. Hypothyroidism is the more common of the two conditions and it occurs when your thyroid is less active than it should be. Whereas hyperthyroidism is the condition resulting from an overactive thyroid gland.


The brain, spinal cord and nerves control the thyroid and the other glands directly related to the production of the thyroid hormones. The structure and integrity of the spinal column have a strong influence on thyroid disease. Chiropractic care can improve the health of the nerves and the lifestyle factors that inhibit the proper production of thyroid hormones.

Going to a chiropractor, and most people think it’s just a bunch of cracks and pops and bones being worked into alignment. The truth is that proper alignments could have lasting effects on your health as a whole. For conditions like hyper or hypothyroidism, you could experience relief in symptoms by taking this holistic approach. Get in touch with our South Naperville chiropractors from ReVive Health Centre to learn more!